5 Interesting Conspiracy Theories.

Behind pretty much every single news story or historical event, if there is any type of mystery behind it or something is unanswered, there is more than likely a conspiracy theory out there to try and clear up any uncertainty. Some of these theories are incredibly farfetched and questionable, whereas some sound like they could realistically have happened. I’m going to be breaking down 5 interesting conspiracy theories and giving my verdict on how likely they are to be true/close to the truth.

1. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

On July 17th 2014, a Malaysia Airlines from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport was shot down when flying over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board. There are plenty of conspiracies about why this commercial flight was shot down, but the most interesting to me is the one detailing that 7 of the passengers were disease experts. There is belief that the flight was shot down to avoid revealing the truth about HIV.

Although this is an interesting theory, others include the involvement of the Illuminati and even that it was in fact the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing earlier on that year. Due to tensions between Russia and Ukraine, it is more likely that those tensions has something to do with the flight being shot down.

2. Hitler surviving World War Two

One of the most famous conspiracy theories of the 20th Century, the belief that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide at the end of World War 2, but in fact he escaped Berlin and fled the continent. The vast majority of people would shoot down the possibility of this being true but why isn’t is possible? There was never a body that was 100% identified as the leader of the Nazis and as someone with pretty much endless wealth at the time, why couldn’t he have gotten away?

Considering the ‘Angel of Death’, Josef Mengele lived his final days with his young Brazilian wife living in immense wealth, why couldn’t have Hitler done the same? There is obviously no way we will ever know the answer to this theory, but there is multiple ways that he could’ve escaped. The final season of Hunting Hitler is very interesting with the methods they put forward.

3. Artificial Diseases

This is a very interesting one and the conspiracies surrounding disease and illnesses are pretty much endless. The biggest one by far surrounding HIV, which was allegedly transmitted from monkeys to humans in the 1930s, however, in the 80s the KGB suggest that it is a disease that was created by the CIA. There are multiple theories that point towards the US Government, stating that HIV is a genetically modified organism which was then introduced into the population through Hepatitis B (via the Hepatitis B vaccine) experiments performed on gay and bisexual men between 1978–1981 in major U.S. cities.

Interesting theory considering the amount of money US citizens have to pay for their healthcare…. just a thought!

4. Ronaldo and the 1998 World Cup Final

Ronaldo, arguably one of the most potent strikers the world has ever seen. In 1998, at the age of 21 he was lighting up the World Cup in France, scoring 4 goals in the tournament, including one in the semi-final to put Brazil into the final against the host nation. One hour before the kick off, when the team sheet was released, there was one shocking absence from the starting 11, R9 was nowhere to be seen. Half an hour later, his name was re-added to the starting lineup and the questions started to build as to what on earth was going on. There was talks of an ankle injury, a stomach bug and others, but it was revealed after the game was lost 3-0, that Ronaldo had suffered a convulsive fit in the hours before the game. The team doctor said that he will not play, and you see why as he was a shadow of his usually lethal self.

The conspiracy surrounds Nike, the sponsor of the Brazilian national team who had pumped hundreds of millions into their campaigns, with Ronaldo as the poster boy. Is it possible that Nike intervened and demanded that the young superstar played on the biggest stage of them all, wearing their boots? Sounds possible to me!

5. Australia Doesn’t Exist

This has to be my favourite one of all, simply because it is just quite simply hilarious in every detail. Allegedly, the country of Australia, one of the biggest nations in the world, does not exist. The land of kangaroos, Steve Irwin (RIP) and most of the deadliest snakes and spiders in the world, simply isn’t real. Apparently, all Australian people you know or have heard of are paid actors by other governments to make you believe it is real. If you think you have been there, think again. When flying to ‘Australia’ you are flown to another island mimicking the supposed country.

Of course this is all a bit silly but just the fact that people believe stuff like this is amazing, and don’t get me started on Flat Earthers… they’re an interesting bunch aren’t they! I’m not a scientist by any means, but I think I am confident in saying that Australia is in fact real, and the earth is not flat.


Let me know what conspiracy theories you find interesting and what you think of these in the comments!

Jesus Is King: My Initial Thoughts

So, it’s finally here. The long awaited Jesus Is King by Kanye West has been released after weeks and weeks of build up and anticipation. Here are my views on the project.

Firstly, I’m not sure what people were expecting from this album after reading some of the first reactions to it online. For the whole year, Kanye has been holding Sunday Services, he said years ago that by this stage he’ll be making a gospel album and the album is literally called Jesus Is King. Why wasn’t everyone expecting a gospel album with a Kanye West twist? It was never going to be an album full of hard hitting beats and lyrics about money and women.

Okay, onto what I think of the album. Yes, it is totally different to any other Kanye we have heard before but at the same time, none of Kanye’s albums have been the same. They’ve all been different sonically and lyrically, each album reflects where Kanye is at that stage of his life.

In terms of production, it is Kanye doing Kanye. Creating music that adapts what the norms of a genre can be, this time round, he’s added his producing genius into gospel. There are other producers credited on the project like Mike Dean, Timbaland and Pi’erre Bourne but each track has Kanye’s signature sound.

The use of choirs throughout some songs on the album suits the flow and the mood of the whole project, injecting so much depth along with the clever use of bass and synths. Selah is a perfect example of this, where there is strong drums in the opening half of the track before smoothly transitioning into a choir repeating hallelujah over and over. The production carries the project in my opinion, with very unique and outside-the-box interpretations of what a hip-hop/gospel crossover should sound like. Each instrumental oozes Kanye’s influence and the occasional use of autotune absolutely screams Kanye. On Use This Gospel, the core of the instrumental is Kanye’s autotuned voice humming, giving me nostalgic flashbacks to the legendary breakdown on Runaway on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Lyrically, there are countless biblical references, as expected but there are a couple of songs where Kanye delivers his sermon-esque lyrics in a very classic, hip-hop manner. Follow God, Everything We Need and On God are three tracks where I feel that his delivery is at its best on this project, with respect to the contrasting instrumentals he raps over. There are some questionable lyrics on the project however, with the hook for Closed On Sunday being laughable, but I think he does make up for it with the short verses that weave the song together over a very strong change of beat. He is telling a story on each of the songs, and I do feel like the lyricism is very hit or miss throughout. When he subtly includes the biblical references, I think Kanye reminds us of what he was at his best but when the songs are just dominated by preaching like his first verse in Water, it is just a bit too much for listeners to focus on the superior production of the tracks.

I like the features that are used on Jesus Is King, of course the Sunday Service choir in the opening track sets the tone for the album but the standout feature for me is without a doubt Ty Dolla $ign’s harmonious display on Everything We Need, who never fails to bring top tier features to the table. The inclusion of Kenny B and Clipse on Use This Gospel adds a very interesting dynamic when blended with the autotune-turned-saxophone instrumental.

As a whole, I’m not disappointed. In a way, the fusion between hip-hop and gospel is a refreshing change from the type of hip-hop that we hear these days. I do feel like this is a project that will age well, in a similar way to that of Yeezus and Ye, especially considering how strong the production is throughout. I know as a Kanye fan it is painful that we aren’t getting the Kanye from Watch The Throne or Life of Pablo or Graduation but the progression and reflection of Kanye’s music correlates perfectly with where he is at whatever stage of his life he was at. No one should’ve expected the Louis Vuitton don or the man proclaiming himself as a God, because that Kanye isn’t around anymore. We all miss the old Kanye, but in terms of his production and quality of the actual music rather than the content, it still is the same Kanye.

Check out Zane Lowe’s interview with him if you want to see the changes in the way he thinks and portrays himself now. Lowe asks the deepest questions to obtain the best answers, I highly recommend.

All I Want for Christmas is……. Less Christmas.

Christmas time… the time of festive joy and family time. Everyone has this immense obsession and excitement when it gets towards the final months of the year but not me, this does not mean I hate Christmas, just bits of it. The festive period is arguably the most frustrating of the year for me, let me explain why.

My number one most hated thing about Christmas is the fact that you will see Christmas decorations going up in shops in SEPTEMBER, when most people have just got back from summer holidays and getting back into the flow of work without having to think about bloody Santa coming down the chimney.  I don’t want to hear Paul McCartney and Mariah Carey blaring around Tesco when I’m doing food shopping or looking for some new socks, there is a time and a place for Christmas decorations, and shops just aren’t it.

Takes me on nicely to my next point, Christmas music is poor. Of course everybody knows all the words to all the songs, but it doesn’t mean they are any good. Fairytale of New York by the Pogues is the only Christmas song that brings any originality to the table but barring that, they are all just so 2 dimensional. Ignoring the fact that you will hear the same 10 on repeat on any radio station during this period, I learnt this the hard way when in a temporary role in a Royal Mail warehouse where I could predict what the next songs were going to be at the end of my 4 weeks there. I just wish they would go about making some new ones instead of the same drivel every year, for everyone’s sanity, we can’t listen to Cliff Richard forever.

Why on earth do we need to celebrate Christmas from Halloween until halfway into January? Why can’t it just be a couple of weeks before the 25th and finish just before New Years Eve? I lose any type of festive cheer pretty much from Boxing Day, not everyone has the time or the energy to be in a bubbly Christmas mood from the end of October until January.

Christmas lights. Ones in shopping centres or in the bustling high streets that you find in London, Manchester and Liverpool are fine, but when people decide to plaster the outside of their house with luminescent scenes of Santa and his reindeer are just so unnecessary. Street lights are bad enough for keeping me up at night, let alone when my street all of a sudden turns into the Las Vegas strip because you’ve decided that everyone else in the surrounding 10 miles needs to see how festive you are feeling, calm it down, give your electricity bill a break.

Xmas Lights

Perfect Example of the Vegas-esque Christmas extremities.

I’ll call it quits here because I know that I could go on for a while, so let me know if I’m being deliberately ridiculous or I am actually making good points 🙂


Top Designers in Streetwear.

Streetwear. It isn’t just all about clothes and sneakers, it is about the image and the influence of where it all comes from, whether it be art or sports or just the way you wear your clothes. The industry surrounding streetwear and the brands involved in the movement have some of the most underrated names in the fashion industry behind them. This doesn’t necessarily have to be based on clothes, or shoes or anything, just looking at the art they create. So I wanted to break down some of my favourite designers in the streetwear industry, whether their products are things that I would cop or drop.

Jerry Lorenzo

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Apart from having the best hair of any man I have ever seen, Jerry Lorenzo creates some of the most unique and creative but also simplistic product in the streetwear game right now. The Fear of God founder has taken strides in the industry, now having his full collection with Nike and collaborations with Vans and Converse along the way, not to mention the amazing silhouettes that can be found in his own collections. Just something about the fit and shape of his clothing in the Fear of God Essentials collection just oozes class and quality to me.

Virgil Abloh

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Virgil is a name that always pops up when you discuss designers in streetwear, and there is perfectly good reasoning behind that. This is a man at the peak of his powers right now, everything he is touching turns to gold. Whether you are looking at his collaborations with Nike, stamping his mark on Louis Vuitton since becoming Men’s Artistic Director or even his obscure collaboration with IKEA, the man is just on a totally different level his competitors. The “KEEP OFF” rug that he did with IKEA is just an insane piece, in every meaning of the word.

Ronnie Fieg

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In my opinion, the most slept on designer in the game, Ronnie Fieg has been arguably the most consistent creative of this decade. In terms of his collaborations, his own brand Kith and his attention to detail from the colour palettes, to the materials to the silhouettes of his work, flawless in my opinion. He was brought to my attention when he appeared on Quickstrike on Complex’s YouTube channel, and their ‘Sneaker of the year’ panel in 2013. Since then, I have always had an appreciation for what he creates and passion he has for the product he creates.


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BAPE, everyone knows of BAPE and where the brand stands in the streetwear hierarchy. Nigo is the man who brought that idea into existence and it has had an immense effect on the landscape of streetwear. The iconic camouflage print, the killer collaborations and just the audacity to make those patent leather Bapestas is enough to make this man one of the GOATs of this industry but with all this, BAPE is just not a brand that I would personally choose to buy a lot of. His new brand Human Made is an example of him creating simple clothing designs that just look so good. When Joe La Puma went into his storage warehouse on YouTube is a must watch too, so much heat.


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Now to the designers on this list who aren’t 100% invested into clothing/sneakers, starting with KAWS, real name, Brian Donnelly. Something about the art and the sculptures that he creates is just unreal for me. The simplicity behind his sculptures is almost effortless but something about them speaks volumes outside of the actual pieces. His Sesame Street plush toys have to be some of my favourites of his, bringing a new twist to the classic kids TV show.

Takashi Murakami

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Takashi Murakami has been an icon for years now, and my first encounter with his work was when Virgil Abloh and himself helped to create the album cover for Kanye West’s 2007 classic album Graduation. Since then, I have researched his work and seen it displayed across countless formats and have developed a great respect and love for the bold, colourful and eye-catching graphics that he has created. Everything from the plush flower pillows released at ComplexCon this year (which are FIRE if you haven’t seen them) to his collaborations with Louis Vuitton back in 2002, his satirical and psychedelic style has become something that will live on in streetwear as long as the movement continues for.


My Grail Sneakers.

Everyone who is into streetwear and sneakers have their ‘Grail’ pieces that they dream of acquiring. Of course your grails are always down to your personal preference and style but I just wanted to break down what my grail sneakers are and what it is that makes them so desirable to me.

Air Jordan 1 ‘Shattered Backboard’


Could have thrown so many Jordan 1 colour ways into my grail list, with Fragment 1sBred 1s or UNC 1s but I’m going for the best non-OG colour way of the lot, the Shattered Backboard. Just everything about this shoe does it for me, the contrast between the orange and the black then the neutral white to break it all down. Not a huge amount I can say to emphasise how much I love these, and one day they will be mine.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 ‘Red Octobers’

red october

Lets all think back to that fabled day in sneaker history, Sunday 9th February 2014, the day of the surprise Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October drop. I remember getting onto the Nike website after about 30 seconds of the link being tweeted and the only size being left was size 14. Being the naive teenager I was, I didn’t add to basket because I didn’t think this is a shoe that would end up selling for upwards of £4000 on the resale market. Since then, they will always be ‘the one that got away’ for me, and I admitted a long time ago that I will probably never acquire these sneakers.

DJ Clark Kent x Nike SB Dunk ‘112’

112 Dunk

This is a sneaker that helped to start my passion for the industry. Back in the old YouTube days of Complex’s sneaker series Quickstrike hosted by Russ Bengston and DJ Clark Kent. This was the first time I was properly exposed to the sneaker culture because at the time, there was not much documentation of it in the UK. I remember seeing Clark Kent’s 112 collection and the SB Dunk was the highlight for me and it will forever be a grail of mine.

Nike Air Max 97/1 Sean Wotherspoon


A more recent drop that caused a big stir in the streetwear world when the long-anticipated drop finally went down. Back in March 2018 when these dropped, I entered every raffle and competition possible to try and get myself a pair but just simply didn’t happen for me. The 97/1 that Sean Wotherspoon designed was just so clean in my opinion, the layers of corduroy that gradually frays the more you wear it is just an incredible detail to include. I enquired about a deadstock pair at Crepe City in the summer and they were going for £600. That one hurt because the quality and creativity behind the shoe made the shoe great in my opinion.

Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 1600 ‘Daytona’

New Balance

In my opinion, this is when New Balance were firmly put back on the map. This Ronnie Fieg collaboration on the 1600 model is outstanding to me. The colour palette is just so clean, all the colours compliment each other so fluently and it is simply effortless. The materials just look unbelievable too. Definitely need to find these in my size in the future.


Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Purple Lobster’

Purple Lobster

Another pair of SBs but these are a newer collaboration that are just simply so saucy. The Purple Lobster Concept collab were released at ComplexCon last December and I just think the colour way on this sneaker is just flawless, the details on the lining and the materials just look so buttery smooth.

These are just some of my sneaker grails, let me know what your grails are in the comments!


What Writing a Blog Has Done For Me.

I can imagine that seeing a link to this blog on my social media pages every few days can be repetitive for some of you to see, but writing and maintaining the content on this blog has done huge amounts to keep me psychologically on track.

Since leaving my previous job role in the summer, and trying to get a new job (which has taken longer than expected because I wish to do a role that I want to build on) keeping this blog up to date with content that I find interesting and would like to expose my readers to. I like to keep the range of pieces mixed so that there is pieces for people who want to read a feature-length article to the list-style articles. It gives me the freedom to write about whatever topics I like and gives me the opportunity to display whatever writing skills I may actually possess.

Psychologically, this blog has helped me to stay in the flow of the writing style that I have acquired in my time at university. It gives me the chance to practice the craft that I am so passionate about and if people want to read it then that is all just a bonus to me. If I didn’t have my blog to invest my energy into then the job hunting process would have beaten my self esteem into the ground by now. Although I feel like I am being too stubborn sometimes, I know that if I end up in a role that I know I can get my teeth stuck into and something that can challenge me, I know it will be worth it.

I’m not writing this to gain any type of sympathy or anything, just getting it all down on paper helps it to not linger and play on my mind for days on end. This blog has saved me from so many more miserable days and I know it will continue to do so until I finally get that call from a successful interview.

If you got this far, then thank you for reading! I know it can be dull reading about other people’s situations so I appreciate the fact that you took time out of your day to read about mine.

More content will be posted again this week after having a week off to focus more on other priorities. 🙂

Ranking the 7 Best Incarcerated Rappers.

Off the bat, I am going to make it clear that these people are in jail because they deserve to be, I’m putting their cases and their personality to the side and only ranking this off their musical ability and how much I rate them as an artist. Let me know your opinions as I know that some of these artists have mixed opinions floating around their name.

7. Soulja Boy


Well, Dracko is not behind bars anymore, but he did find himself back behind bars after being sentenced to 8 months in April 2019 for ammunition being found in his home, in violation of his probation, but he was released by the end of July. Music-wise, I wouldn’t say this was a huge loss as since Kiss Me Thru The Phone and other tracks, from that era, Soulja Boy has bought nothing to the table that contains any substance or value. His generally weak lyricism and the way he sounds on-beat is just bad, really, really bad. He does bring entertainment through his interesting use of Instagram and other social media platforms though, along with his comical business ventures that landed him in plenty of controversy. That is a conversation for another day.

6. Tay-K


What a short but sweet rap career Tay-K had, exploding onto the scene in 2017 with The Race, a song that ended up being used against him in court. He was sentenced to 55 years in prison for the murder charge, 30 years in prison on one of the counts of aggravated robbery, and two 13-year prison sentences for the remaining two counts of aggravated robbery related. What could have been, because he showed great musical potential on his mixtape Santana World, displaying a concise flow and good delivery from a then-17-year-old. We won’t be hearing anything from him soon as he has to serve 27.5 years until he is considered for parole.

5. 6ix9ine


I think we all saw this one coming on the list, with 6ix9ine’s testimony (see previous post here) being a big piece of news in the recent weeks. Musically, 6ix9ine is an interesting one and you either really like him or hate him. In terms of his most recent album, Dummy Boy, it is just a project full of singles, it doesn’t flow like an album and is feature-heavy. In my opinion, the first half of the album is good, with strong beats and features that fit the flows of the tracks, along with 6ix9ine injecting his unique style into each track. The second half is quite mediocre and I would’ve been happier if it was an EP with 6 or 7 songs on it. Not sure how easy it will be for him to come out and make music again, as he can be out in early 2020 and the nature of his case will be hard for him to go back into the spotlight. We shall see.

4. Bobby Shmurda


Possibly the name on this list that his release has been the most anticipated since he was arrested all the way back in 2014. Earlier in that year, Shmurda released three projects, with the biggest being Shmurda She Wrote, that contained iconic track Hot N*gga. That album has gone down into hip-hop folklore as when he was first locked up, nobody knew what the next music we would ever hear from Shmurda would be. Shmurda made a surprise feature by delivering a hot verse over the jail phone on 6ix9ine’s STOOPID. We all know that he will be releasing something big after his release, which is due to be December 2020.

3. Juelz Santana

Dipset Official Reunion

Juelz Santana, one third of the legendary Dipset, is currently in jail serving time for having a loaded gun in his hand luggage at Newark Liberty International Airport. Of course, back in the day, Dipset were responsible for some classic tracks and even more classic fashion statements, which is why I have only placed Santana at number 3, as I can’t remember the last time I heard a big track from him.

2. YNW Melly


Currently sitting in a cell having been charged with the first degree murder of two of his close friends, YNW Melly could be someone who we do not hear music from ever again. Which to me is an immense shame because his last couple of projects have been littered in some top class melodies, flows and story telling. Anyone who has heard of him knows Murder On My Mind, where he tells an emotional story of committing murder, delivering the final verse with unprecedented emotion in his voice. Other standout tracks from the past couple of years include Mama Cry, Mixed Personalities, Freddy Krueger and Virtual (Blue Balenciagas). If he does end up being sentenced to a lengthy time in prison, it would be an enormous shame because he had potential to go on and become a colossal artist of this newer generation.

1. Kodak Black


Now, onto my number one spot. Kodak Black. I know some people don’t like his voice or the way he ‘mumbles’ on beat, but I personally think Kodak is one of the most underrated artists of the past few years. Since he hit the mainstream with the Metro Boomin produced Tunnel Vision, and the release of his debut album Painting Pictures, Kodak Black has released a number of exceptional projects but always been held back by his legal troubles, of which he has had plenty for someone who is only 22. His last album, Dying to Live, displays his versatility to range from storytelling to hype songs, to lyrical fluidity. He demonstrates a wide range of skills over a range of beats, from Zeze, to Take One, to Close to The Grave and Malcolm X.X.X. I really hope that Kodak is released soon because he is a voice that is sorely missed in today’s musical rotation. I will continue to go back to tracks like Too Many Years and Calling My Spirit for songs that I can play on repeat in the time being.

Let me know what you think of my list and what one of these artists you are most looking forward to potentially getting out.

My Opinions on Supreme.

If you Google the word ‘Streetwear’ there is one name that always creeps up and takes the headlines, and that would be the New York skate shop, Supreme. Known globally for their iconic box logo, outrageous accessories and obscene resale prices, Supreme is the top dog in streetwear and you can see why, the product does the talking. With only 11 stores globally, with 6 being located in Japan, Supreme is a brand that is not exactly easy to get hold of, making it something that millions of people desire to have. Here are my thoughts on the brand.

Looking past all the problems that people have with the exclusivity of the products because that is what makes the brand as unique and stand-out to others, I think the clothing that is put out by Supreme is incredibly hit or miss. Whether it be the collaborations that have been explored by the brand or the more normal pieces that get released and slept on (to an extent), Supreme finds ways to make even the trashiest garments desirable. Anything that can have Supreme splattered across it in the most unnecessary ways will sell out in minutes every Thursday morning of each seasonal release. Below are just a handful of examples of Supreme pieces that are just dreadful for the prints, materials or just laziness in creativity, with the Louis Vuitton print being the worst by far.

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Collab-wise, there are plenty of top tier streetwear classics that now sell for sometimes ten times the retail price. From the likes of Nike SB Dunks from 2002 and 2003, to the Public Enemy collab of 2006, to the Stone Island collab of 2017 to the range of North Face collabs (some more than others), there are grail pieces galore that can be guaranteed when Supreme teams up with other brands. My personal favourites are the Nike/Jordan collaborations that Supreme have had, the red Uptempos were crazy, the Air Force One Highs were clean and the Air Max 98s had that INSANE patent leather and snakeskin to help them pop. Although I wouldn’t wear them, the Nike Foamposite collaboration was a favourite of mine for how much of an impact it had when it dropped back in 2014 when it shut down the streets of New York.

The celebrity tees always go down a treat, standouts being the Mike Tyson, Kate Moss, Gucci Mane, Dipset, Neil Young, Nas and Kermit the Frog just to name a handful.

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Accessories are an enormous part of the collecting side of Supreme. Name pretty much any item, everything from dirt bikes, to Pyrex dishes to ashtrays to nunchucks to incense sticks to house bricks. Anything that can have a Supreme logo plastered on it will be made and it is a commendable feat for the brand. The sheer audacity and arrogance to create 90% of these accessories is hilarious and it is one of the many aspects that makes this brand as iconic as it already is in it’s relatively short history.

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Going back to the roots of the brand in 1994, skateboarders in New York were signed to the Supreme skate team to rock the brand and create and image for what would become a global icon. In my opinion, the skate decks are the unsung hero of what makes Supreme great. Hundreds of brilliant examples of how to turn a skateboard deck into a piece of art, you could decorate your house with some of these pieces. One teenager forked out 800,000 dollars for the only complete collection of all of the brand’s decks, with 248 pieces total.


Box Logos. You can’t talk about Supreme and not mention the most iconic part of the brand, that little rectangle with the brand name written in Futura Bold Italic. Box logos are most desirable when they’re stitched or printed onto tees and hoodies. There has been hundreds, if not thousands of different designs, colour combinations and patterns that any keen Supreme-head will have seen before. The older the bogo, the more expensive on the resale market. There are many priceless bogos due to the rarity, the age and the condition, but some can fetch for easily over 10 thousand pounds, sometimes a lot, lot more depending on the variant.

Overall, some of the products can be very very average and sometimes dreadful, but those are not the reasons why the brand has became the streetwear giant that it is today. Whether you like it or not, Supreme is not going anywhere, if anything it will continue to grow and they will continue to sell out every week, no matter the quality of the product.

7 Brands to Keep You Warm and Looking Cold.

With the cold winter days and nights fast approaching, you need to dig out your winter outfits, which can be difficult to keep yourself looking sharp in lots of layers. So I want to break down some brands that will guarantee to keep you cosy. Some of the names on this list may break the bank, but in terms of being cosy, you can’t spend £20 on a coat and be surprised when you’re still shivering.

1. Carhartt

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Sturdy, reliable and warm clothing always coming out of Carhartt. Mid-priced top quality product that will last you a few years before needing to replace. Whether it be the big parkas, colourful pullovers, tough work jackets or even the heavy duty gilets, Carhartt can keep you cosy in the cold months.

2. Napapijri

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Developed in the Italian Alps, Napapijri is a brand that can help to splash some colour into your winter rotation. The colours can be understated or extremely loud, but nonetheless, you won’t be worried about getting the shivers. I own the fleece pullover and it is without doubt my cosiest purchase to date.

3. North Face

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The one everyone has heard of and seen. With higher price tags for the big nuptse jackets, you can always rely on a North Face jacket to look clean while being undeniably warm. If you can find a Supreme and North Face collaboration, then extra bonus points.

4. Canada Goose

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Onto the extreme case of keeping warm and looking good. With the jackets pricing anywhere from 400 to 1300 pounds, Canada Goose is a brand that is definitely value for money, because these things are pretty much invincible as they were designed for arctic temperatures, so wintertime in the real world is light work.

5. Patagonia

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Coming back down from the arctic to the realistic brands, Patagonia is a safe bet for the smaller under layers and fleeces for the winter months, coming in wild colours to keep dash some flavour into the grey, miserable days and nights.

6. Columbia

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If you don’t need or want the brighter tones then look no further than Columbia, of course not originating from Latin America, but a reasonably priced, easily accessible brand if you are looking something to just do the job. That being said, some of their pieces could turn some heads with their clean silhouettes.

7. Helly Hansen

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Finally, one I didn’t expect to throw into this list as I’ve only ever seen dull things come from Helly Hansen, but in recent years, they have been stepping their game up while keeping their prices right down. So you can now find the HH and Puma collaboration for a enormous dosage of colour into your winter wardrobe. Cheap and cheerful, while also being crisp and warm.

7 FIRE Sneakers/Trainers dropping before the end of 2019

Anyone who knows me well enough will know that for almost 10 years I have been obsessed and grown a serious passion for the sneaker game (I know it is the Americanised term but it flows better than ‘trainers’). Starting when I stumbled across some YouTube videos of people debating and discussing shoes on Complex, I was hooked. The stories behind each shoe and the history underlying in the brands that are popular and not so popular is fascinating to me. I want to start posting more pieces about shoes that I love and ones that I hate.

Here are my 7 hot sneakers that are dropping before the end of 2019.

1. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6

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Over the past couple of years I don’t think many other collaborators have created such high-quality and detailed sneakers as Travis Scott has done with Nike and Jordan Brand. These Jordan 6s are the latest of his collaborations and his high expectations have continued. The Cactus Jack detailing all over the silhouette with the stash pocket just makes it insane to me. The colour palette is so clean on the Air Jordan 6 too, especially with it being a classic shoe in itself, Travis just takes it to another planet.

2. Tyler, The Creator x Converse Chuck 70 High “Flame”

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Tyler, The Creator has been bringing some bold but clean designs to Converse silhouettes since 2017 but I think this ‘Flame’ colour way of the 1970s classic Chuck Taylor may just be his best to date. The print comes from his own clothing collection, Golf Wang. The simplicity mixed with the classic model makes this a home run collaboration in my opinion.

3. Adidas Ozweego

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Adidas released this Ozweego silhouette earlier on in 2019 and have released some very bold and solid colour ways of the shoe to date, but this ‘Icy Pink’ iteration might be my favourite to date. The very subtle pink leather with the deeper purple sole is a killer and makes for a slick look that will no doubt be incredibly comfortable.

4. Nike Air Force One Low ‘What The LA’

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This one is probably the one that would get the most question marks by the readers but I think these are NUTS. The ‘What The’ concept has been applied to so many different Nike models over the years and most of them have been bangers. These are so clean in my opinion, the mini swooshes and the unreal range of materials being played with on this pair make it a serious eye catcher. Of course this is not they type of shoe you could wear every day, but it would be a crazy addition to anyone’s collection.

5. OFFWHITE x Nike Dunk Low ‘Pine Green’

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Unless you have been in the shadows of social media, you would know that OFFWHITE and Nike have been on a serious roll in putting out some unbelievably sought-after sneakers. Next up for the two are the Dunk Low that features the classic OFFWHITE branding on the instep and the additional orange laces over the top being held down by Flywire. I wasn’t initially sold on these but some on-feet shots have started to creep up on Instagram and these are definitely another banger for Virgil and Nike.

6. Basement x Nike Air Max 90 ‘City Pack’

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These could be one of my favourite collaborations of the year. The online collective group ‘The Basement’ has created a City Pack of Air Max 90s that are made to represent three of the most bustling cities in the UK, Glasgow, Manchester and of course, London. The Glasgow pair features a range of grey hues all over the upper and a silver swoosh along with an orange tongue. The Manchester pair looks to be an all black iteration with a volt jewel swoosh and volt detailing on the tongue and laces. The London pair displays a range of lighter grey panels on the upper with a smaller metallic swoosh inside a bigger grey one. All three of these pairs are fire and they won’t sit around online for long.

7. New Balance 997S Cordura

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Finally, possibly the most underrated shoe brand in terms of consistency in my opinion. New Balance are releasing this new colour way of the 997S which features a range of high quality materials dominate this shoe, with a range of different suedes being incorporated into the Cordura materials to create an incredibly functional and weatherproof shoe also look high end with the standards of materials being used throughout. But what makes this pair for me are the pink hits in the lining, the aglets, back panel and on the tongue-tag, matching that with the white speckled sole makes for a beautiful pair of NBs.